Ligeti is an interarts performance (performance, gesture, text) for three performers focusing on György Ligeti’s Piano Études.

The presentation is situated in two adjoining spaces, an installation space in which discussion occurred, and a performance space. In the discussion area, the audience encounters 3 individuals sitting behind registration-like tables.

The audience is presented with an excess of divergent interpretive materials and encouraged into discussions relating to the program notes. The audience can arrive and leave, as well as move between the performance and discussion areas, at their discretion. Several times during the presentation, performance and discussion occur simultaneously, forcing the audience to choose one or the other.

The performance area provides a space for a micro-polyphonic reworking of writings about the composer and his compositions, the performance of several of the composer’s études, and a thick amalgam of overlapping movement and spoken word related to the themes of precision and chaos. These elements are submerged within a mode of performance that oscillates between academic lecture and game-play.

Created and performed by Dylan Robinson, Anna Höstman, Rene Walrafen, Angela Bespflug, Kathleen Pollard, David Cecchetto at the University of Victoria (again in 2006).