Moment Forum

Moment Forum (2009) is a three-hour performance installation for one audience member at a time based on the idea of the “musical moment.” The performance uses my piano solo Moment Variations to explore the notion of the musical moment.

The score is enlarged and distributed over 200 cardboard pieces stacked in piles around the room.

The audience member creates a new version of the score, card by card, while the pianist acts as a player-pianist, looping through the material. During the course of their interaction, the pianist and audience member do not speak.

The installation also engages with Stockhausen’s writing on the musical moment through a proliferation of texts  mounted in booklets on paper walls.

Moment Forum was created and performed by the Intermission Interarts Collective— Anna Höstman, Dylan Robinson and David Cecchetto— at the Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre at the University of Sussex, England.