Fog is a 10′ minute work written for bass flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin & cello. It was commissioned by Ensemble Paramirabo with the support of the Toronto Arts Council with funding provided by the City of Toronto, and the Canada Council for the Arts.


Program note: Some of the most beautiful and haunting landscapes are those enshrouded in fog, a natural phenomenon where mystery is made visible. The idea that we find misty images so beautiful in a sense runs counter to the other human impulse of seeking clarity, of making the world louder, and more lucid. Even while the foggy ocean or mist-draped landscape creates fear of things that we cannot see, we are still drawn to the quiet wisps and reductive veils. Is it possible that searching for meaning in the unknown is one of our most enduring and urgently human qualities? Like boats navigating a fog-laden sea, the coastline of our future seems slightly haunted and unrecognizable, and our own shadows are being cast in more dimensions than they once were.