2006 What Time is it Now, libretto P.K. Page soprano, mezzo, tenor, cl, pno, perc, vn, vc, cb Victoria Symphony, Cathy Fern Lewis 55′


2013 Drømde mik en drøm i nat string orchestra and english horn and french horn   14′
2011 Emily’s Piece (with projections) 2222 2210 2 perc harp strings (65442) +video Victoria Symphony 23′
2009 Snow Variations 2222 2221 2perc harp strings Victoria Symphony 12′
2008 Trace the Gold Sun (flute concerto) flute solo, cl, hn, tbn, 2 perc, pn, strings (65442) Victoria Symphony and Mark McGregor 19′
2007 Hologram 2222 2231 timp perc strings Victoria Symphony 13′
2006 Light Unfolding, with video by Anisa Skuce 2222 2231 timp harp strings (98764) +video Victoria Symphony 12′
2006 Spill Forms 2020 2200 perc strings (65442) Victoria Symphony 6′
2002 Keeper of the Butterflies 2222 2200 timp harp pn strings (66542) Vancouver Symphony 14′

Chamber Music    

2017 Float alto fl, bass cl, e horn, bssn, fr horn + piano Blythwood Winds 8′
2015 Fog bass fl, bass cl, pn, vn, vc  Paramirabo (CCA, TAC) 10′
2014 Lehtiä fl, hp, vla  Onyx trio 15′
  Paisley accordion and baritone sax  Ina Henning and Wallace Halladay 12′
  Murmuring traverso, harpsichord, Baroque violin, Baroque cello  Blue Moss Ensemble 16′
  Linen 2 vn, cello, pno  Thin Edge Collective 9′
2012 Lattice, rev. 2014 violin and piano Thin Edge, Continuum 13′
2011 Pine Trees & Blue Sky fl, cl, perc, pn, vn, vc Aventa Ensemble 8′
    fl, cl, perc, pn, vn, vc and pipa Beijing Intl. Composer’s Festival 8′
  Soft Travellers cl, tp, acc, hp, perc, pn, vla, db  gamUT 11′
2010 ghosts of swallows piccolo, cl, prepared piano, perc, vn, vc Continuum, Sonic Lab, Esprit 6.5′
2009 Divertissement ten spatialized flutes Tempest Flute Choir, Redshift 4.5′



2015 moths drink the tears of sleeping birds string quartet Quatuor Bozzini 15′
2011 Slanted Birds string quartet Quatuor Bozzini 2.5
2006 Ink Drifting 2 vl, 2 vla, 2vc Quatuor Bozzini 8.5′

Vocal Music    

2017 The Invisible Forest baritone, perc, pn, harp, vn, vn, va, vc Continuum (CCA, TAC) 20′
2016 Yet the Rain falls more Darkly soprano, cl, perc, pn, vn, vc Array Music (Cooper/Epstein/Moore) 12′ 
  Pied Piper 4 pieces for soprano and flute Soundstreams (Koerner Foundation) 12′
2011  Snow, Toy, Voix 3 pieces for mezzo soprano and piano Carid Burdett, Maureen Batt 5′ 
2009  What her Friend Said soprano and piano Cathy Fern Lewis 5′ 
2008 Seagull Aria, from Rob Ford the Opera soprano and piano  University of Toronto Opera Division 5′ 

Instrumental Solo

2016  Vines and Shadows harpsichord Wesley Shen 10′ 
  Water Walking violin  Mira Benjamin (CCA, OAC) 5′ 
2015 The Inner Life of Trees trumpet Sarah Belle Reid 20′ 
  Harbour piano Cheryl Duvall 30′ 
2013 Fern Baroque flute Elma Elkinson 8′ 
2012 Rhizome accordion Ina Henning 15′ 
2011  Allemain piano Jane Wood, Moritz Ernst 14′ 
2010 darkness… pines… long wall piano Jane Wood, Roger Admiral 15′ 
2007 Interview trumpet Amy Horvey 10′
2006 Spills clarinet Heather Roche 6′
2004 Clay; Desire piano   5′




2016 La Fôret Scultpural Installation with sound Matralab, Concordia (OAC) ~
2013 Nuyamł-ił Kulhulmx—Singing the Earth Concert Installation for mezzo soprano, cl, acc, perc, pno, vn, db Continuum Ensemble (CCA, OAC, TAC, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, SSHRC, European Research Council, Centre for Indigeneity at Royal Holloway, University of London);

Vancouver Symphony (2017)

2011 Vertical Studies flute, violin, piano and video Pendulum Ensemble 18′
2009 Moment Forum (Intermission Interarts) 3-room installation for solo piano and one audience member Centre for Opera/Music Theatre, Univ of Sussex 180′
2007-4 Mnemosyne Space (Intermission Interarts) soprano, prepared pn, banjo, real-time electronic processing Puebla, Mexico, Victoria, St. Petersburg, Russia ~
2005 Ligeti (Intermission Interarts Collective) 2-room installation for 2 pianists/gesturalists and one actor Philip T. Young, University of Victoria 60′

Composer Collaboration

2009 Exquisite Corpse sax, perc, pn, vn, vc, cb with Marci Rabe & Kristi Farkas Contact Ensemble  

Music for Video, Film, Theatre and Dance

2006 Keystone electronic dance score for Lori Hamar Suddenly Dance, Victoria, InFrinGinG, Nanaimo, BC 45′
2005 Once a Fish music for film short co-created with David Cecchetto Ling Chiu, director, Modern Family Productions 16′
2004 Ephemeral electronic dance score Lisa Hostman, dancer 12′
2004 A Fortune in Frozen Dim Sum music for film short Ling Chiu, director, Moving Images Distribution 13′
2003 Chinese Cemetary, From Harling Point music for documentary National Film Board of Canada 40′
2002 The Monument by Colleen Wagner music for theatre Phoenix Theatre, Victoria 90′
1999 Tethers music for film short Ling Chiu, director, Moving Images Distribution 6′
1996 Tee Hee Hee music for film short Ling Chiu, director, Moving Images Distribution 4′


  Out on the Mira 3 tenors and orchestra 3 Canadian Tenors, Warner Music Canada  
  We Rise Again 3 tenors and orchestra 3 Canadian Tenors  
  Home I’ll Be 3 tenors and orchestra 3 Canadian Tenors  
  Carnival of the Animals clarinet, tbn, perc, vln Music Corner Ensemble